DiSC PPSS (Electronic)


The DiSC PPSS General Characteristics Report provides feedback on a broad range of behavioral characteristics, including communication methods, and the strengths and limitations of the person’s behavioral style.

Other sections of the General Characteristics Report describe more specific aspects of the individual’s behavioral tendencies, including:

  • Factors that Motivate the Person
  • The Person’s Preferred Working Environment
  • What this Person Tends to Avoid
  • Strategies for the Person to Increase their Effectiveness
  • Factors that De-motivate this Person
  • This Person’s Behavior in Conflict Situations

DiSC PPSS Supplemental Reports are available for additional purchase ($15 each) at checkout:

  1. How the Person Relates to People and their Environment
  2. Strategies for Creating a Positive Relationship with the Person
  3. Strategies for Managing the Person
  4. This Person’s Approach to Managing Others
  5. Person’s Strategies for Sales Management
  6. This Person’s Approach to Selling

The General Characteristics Report is a prerequisite for running the Supplemental Reports.

View Sample DiSC PPSS General Characteristics Report English | Spanish
View Sample DiSC PPSS Supplemental Report Sections English | Spanish


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