Everything DiSC Productive Conflict Profile


The Everything DiSC Productive Conflict Profile is an online self-assessment that provides an in-depth 22-page report that improves self-awareness around one’s natural tendencies and approach to conflict. The personalized report includes techniques for engaging in more effective and constructive approaches to conflict situations. It can be used as a stand-alone assessment or as pre-work for training using the Everything DiSC Productive Conflict Facilitator’s Kit (sold separately). Key report features include:

  • Your DiSC Style in Conflict: The Profile contains highly personalized information that is specific to the participant’s responses to the assessment and to their corresponding DiSC style.
  • Why do I do This?: Learners discover the reasons behind destructive responses to conflict. This valuable information also relates to conflict in non-work settings.
  • Changing Your Responses: With strategies to curb destructive responses, learners discover how to step back and learn more productive responses to conflict situations.


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