Everything DiSC Workplace Profile


The Everything DiSC Workplace Profile is an online self-assessment that provides a personalized 20-page report to help employees gain insight into their work styles and explore ways to increase their interpersonal effectiveness with others. It can be used as a stand-alone assessment instrument or as pre-work for training using the Everything DiSC Workplace Profile Facilitator’s Kit (sold separately).  Key report sections include:

  • An Introduction to the DiSC model and the four basic styles.
  • DiSC Work Style, including your strengths, challenges, and contributions.
  • Workplace Priorities, personal preferences, and where you tend to focus your energy.
  • Motivators and Stressors, including types of activities/tasks you enjoy and those that cause stress.
  • Working with Others and how you engage with those who have different priorities and preferences.
  • Strategies to Increase Effectiveness, including ways to connect better with others, especially when things get tense and problems need to be solved.
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Available in English and Spanish

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