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Make data-informed decisions and hire the best-fit talent!

Too many companies are making important hiring decisions based on impressions rather than actionable data. In today’s talent landscape, employers need more information about a candidate that goes beyond the resume and the interview.


PXT Select™ takes the selection to the next level by helping companies make data-informed decisions so they can hire the best-fit candidates.

Powered by the latest innovation in assessment technology, PXT Select is a single, online candidate assessment that produces multiple reports used for selection, onboarding, coaching, and team development. Its versatility and actionable data make PXT Select an indispensable tool for organizations of any size.

On an Enterprise Level, PXT Select helps companies:

  • Streamline the assessment technology and report generation into the hiring and talent management processes
  • Improve talent selection by placing the right people in the right jobs.
  • Build a library of Performance Models that can compare internal and external candidates.
  • Make better hiring decisions, reduce turnover, and get better results

PXT Select complies with every aspect of the US Dept. of Labor and EEOC guidelines for maintaining fairness in the selection process.

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PXT Select helps wherever hiring decisions are made by:

  • Getting a clear picture of the candidate’s thinking style, behaviors, and interests, giving you a meaningful edge in making the right hiring decision.
  • Comparing and matching candidates with positions to make the best-informed selection decision.
  • Conducting targeted Interviews with tailored questions provided based on a candidate’s assessment results.
  • Matching people with positions in which they’ll perform well and enjoy what they do

Adding data to traditional hiring methods can sound overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. We’ll guide you through each step along the way.

Select a Job-Specific Performance Model

Administer Assessment
to Candidates

Produce Selection Reports

Comprehensive Selection Report

The PXT Select Comprehensive Selection Report contains the primary information used for candidate selection. The 11-page report provides clear visuals and explanations of data, making it easy to understand and equipping you with data to determine if a candidate is a good fit for the job.

With the Comprehensive Selection Report, you can:

  • See how the candidate performed against the specific requirements of the position in each of the following assessment sections:
    • Thinking Style: Verbal Skills and Reasoning, and Numerical Ability and Reasoning
    • Behavioral Traits: A measure of 9 behavioral traits that measure the candidate’s natural tendencies and compares them to the requirements of the position.
    • Interests: Insight into the candidate’s motivation around performing different tasks, and how much enjoyment he or she may find in a particular role.

In addition, PXT Select provides Interview Questions that are tailored to the candidate based on the individual’s assessment results and the Performance Model for the position, to make the interviewing process more effective.


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Comprehensive Selection Report

Is the candidate a good fit? This powerful report helps you make smarter hiring decisions with confidence. The Comprehensive Selection Report is the primary report used for candidate selection. Providing a thorough view of candidate data, the report focuses on Candidate Fit, Performance Model, and Interview Questions. These three areas equip you with the data to determine if a candidate is a good fit for the job.

With the Comprehensive Selection Report, you can:

  • See at a glance how the candidate performed on the three sections of the assessment: Thinking Style, Behavioral Traits, and Interests.
  • Compare the candidate against a Performance Model for the position you’re trying to fill.
  • Access tailored Interview Questions and tips on “what to listen for” based on the candidate’s assessment results.

Comprehensive Selection Report Sample

PXT Select Sales Reports

PXT Select™ has expanded its offering to include a suite of sales-focused selection and development reports tailored to help organizations hire and retain top sales talent. Combined with the entire PXT Select suite, the Sales Reports provide powerful insights to identify and develop sales talent, creating a rich experience for both salespeople and their employers.

These reports include:

Sales: Comprehensive Selection Report

This powerful report helps identify a candidate's fit to a role. It features dynamic interview questions to help strengthen the overall hiring process. With a focus on sales language, this report highlights critical sales practices and describes how a candidate might demonstrate them, helping you select the right salespeople for your organization.

View Sample:
Comprehensive Selection Report Sample

Sales: Individual's Feedback Report
Candidates can learn from PXT Select, too! This participant report offers personalized feedback to the candidate or employee using common sales language and does not include critical sales practices.

View Sample:
Sales: Individual's Feedback Report

Sales: Coaching Report
This report provides tailored coaching guidance, giving managers personalized tips and strategies to develop their sales teams members.

View Sample:
Sales: Coaching Report

Coaching Report

Wish you had coaching advice tailored to each employee? This report gives you exactly that and more! Coaching and developing across an organization can be challenging.

  • Coach a new employee to his or her full potential.
  • Help current employees identify their challenges and improve job performance.

View Sample:
Coaching Report Sample
Sales: Coaching Report Sample

Individual’s Feedback Report

Candidates can learn from PXT Select™, too! This narrative report doesn’t reveal scores and is perfectly safe to share with applicants. Sharing feedback with a candidate can be a great addition to the selection process.

  • An explanation of what the PXT Select assessment measures.
  • An interpretation of the candidate’s results, describing Thinking Style, Behavioral Traits, and Interests.

View Sample:
Individual's Feedback Report Sample
Sales: Individual's Feedback Report Sample

Individual’s Graph

Are you more of a visual person? The graph illustrates a candidate’s results that you can view at a glance.

  • The candidate’s placement on the Thinking Style and Behavioral Traits scales.
  • A list of the candidate’s Interests ranked from highest to lowest.

View Sample:
Individual's Graph Sample

Manager-Employee Report

Help managers discover how they can work more effectively with their employees. A strong relationship between a manager and employee can make a big difference in the workplace.

  • Start off on the right foot with new employees or improve relationships with current employees.
  • Build an understanding of how they approach the job of supervising others and how an employee prefers to be managed.

View Sample:
Manager-Employee Sample Report

Multiple Candidates Report

Make hiring decisions with ease. A helpful tool in the selection process, this report allows you to compare multiple candidates for a single position.

The Multiple Candidates Report helps to:

  • Easily compare the Thinking Style, Behavioral Traits, and Interests of multiple candidates on one document.
  • Compare the fit percentages for each candidate against the same position’s Performance Model.

View Sample
Multiple Candidates Sample Report

Multiple Positions Report

Which positions might be best for a particular individual? Compare a candidate or employee to multiple jobs in your organization with this report. This report is useful for both selection and development. The report shows how aligned an individual is to different positions in the organization.

Use the Multiple Positions Report to:

  • Find the best position for a candidate by comparing him or her to several open positions in your organization.
  • Understand how current employees align with other positions in the organization and help prepare them for future roles within the organization.

View Sample:
Multiple Positions Sample Report

Performance Model Report

Understand the range of scores and behaviors for the position you’re trying to fill. Learn about the ideal candidate for that role. Hiring can be difficult if you don’t know exactly what you’re hiring for! The Performance Model Report helps you:

  • Understand the range of scores typical for success in the position you are trying to fill.
  • Gain insight into the ideal candidate for the role.

View Sample:
Performance Model Sample Report

Team Report

See how a potential candidate fits an existing team, or address your current team’s dynamics and strengths. The Team Report is a powerful tool for onboarding, development, and selection. This report will help you:

  • Gain insight into team culture and address your team’s dynamics.
  • Uncover how a new employee might impact a team.

View Sample:
Sample Team Report

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