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From hiring and onboarding to regulatory and specialized training, many companies are stretched to create the kinds of programs that will develop strong leaders, productive teams, and a culture that sustains everyone in motivated performance. ProGrowth Associates provides robust training and assessment solutions that are fully customizable and easy to implement.




Pre-Hire Assessment Solutions

Get valid and actionable data about the people you interview and select.

  • PXT Select – the most advanced pre-hire assessment that powers a set of reports used for interviewing, selection, on-boarding, coaching, and team development.
  • Self-Assessment Instruments – a selection of behavioral-based personality and work style assessments to ensure the best candidate fit for the job and the team.

Leadership Talent Solutions

Increase employee engagement and have a greater impact on productivity and teamwork.

  • 360 Feedback – Provide leaders with valuable feedback that combines leadership style and personality assessment with feedback from peers to produce an impactful 360 experience.
  • Everything DiSC Management -  Teach managers how to work more effectively in the areas of delegating and directing, and motivating and developing others.
  • Work of Leaders – Help your leaders craft a vision, build alignment, and champion execution of company and department goals while assessing their leadership effectiveness along the way.
  • Leadership Development Process – Provide your leaders with a personalized development experience that will produce immediate behavioral change and positive results. Contact us for detail.

Sales Talent Solutions

Advanced resources to better select, coach, and develop top salespeople.

  • Everything DiSC Sales – Helps salespeople connect better with customers and develop more satisfying relationships, and increased sales.
  • Interviewing and Hiring for Sales – Hire the right salespeople with PXT Select, an assessment that focuses on eight critical sales practices, helping you gain insight and confidence in hiring and developing your sales force.

Team Development Solutions

Build strong, cohesive teams that produce quality results with all-out commitment.

  • Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team – a proven assessment-driven model for developing productive, high-performing teams based on The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni.
  • Everything Productive Conflict – Show individuals and teams how to curb destructive behaviors when in conflict and how to engage in more healthy responses.
  • Everything DiSC Workplace – Help team members understand themselves and one another better, appreciate differences in work styles, and learn how to interact more effectively together.
  • Team Dimensions – Help team members focus on their natural contribution to innovation and project development while gaining an appreciation of team roles assumed by others.

Individual Effectiveness and Productivity Solutions

Improve productivity, increase skills, and achieve greater individual performance.

  • Mastering Time Management – Help people set goals, establish priorities, and enjoy greater balance at work and home by increasing their time management skills in 12 key areas.
  • 360 Feedback – Provide employees with valuable feedback that combines workstyle and personality assessment with feedback from peers to produce a highly impactful 360 experience.
  • Professional Development Process -- A personalized learning and development experience that is customized based on an individual’s targeted needs and goals. Contact us for details.


Everything Disc Authorized Partner.

Pave the way for more effective business relationships, better teamwork, and increased performance. Organizations around the world have embraced the DiSC model



An assessment driven, facilitator-led program for intact work teams based on The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, the internationally best-selling leadership fable by Patrick Lencioni


Make the very human decisions about hiring simpler and smarter. Pre-hire candidate assessments that provide reliable data for better interviews and smarter selection decisions

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